Today, the Shanghai composite index was able to pull up, and bank stocks, especially industrial and Commercial Bank of China, contributed a lot. In the afternoon, ICBC fell 1.35% from its lowest point, achieving a 1% rise, leading to a decrease in the decline of the Shanghai stock index.

        In fact, although the team has won some trophies since guara left Barcelona, it is impossible to create a brilliant era again. The club has invested a lot in the introduction of aid, and the manager has also changed a few, but from the perspective of the record, it is obviously not as good as guara. Also awesome coach Bayern and Manchester City are just League and domestic cup to force, the Champions League is not the top 8 or the top 4, has not been able to qualify for the finals, let alone the champion cup, so if Messi to vote, the two strong hand in hand with Manchester City's current lineup is indeed possible to create the glory of Yu.

        Give yourself a picture of a good mood


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        Barcelona's turbulence can set off the steadiness of Real Madrid, and the Spanish champions league is also the Galactic warship with more advantages. City into Messi, the team's morale will be higher, compared with Barcelona still have more expectations, so at present, city's players hope to stay in the team. As for the big Paris which also has the idea for Messi, it is more appropriate for Neymar and Messi to join hands again. The pressure of the French league is not big, which can let the two stars stay in the Champions League more. In addition, the two men have won the Champions League in Barcelona, Neymar also scored key goals, so it seems more appropriate for the two to join hands again. However, Messi and his father prefer Manchester City and the more fierce Premier League.

        Poems describing local conditions and customs

        Beautiful back, attractive horsetail, pure beauty and lovely eyebrows

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